Mechatronics Center

RIT Dubai and Fractal Systems combined their efforts to establish the Mechatronics Center. Experts from both organizations jointly conduct development and research projects in latest technologies. Our student are working with Fractal Systems as part of their co-op, and are regularly involved in developing new, innovative technologies in cooperation with the company.


Mohammad Farrukh khan
RIT Dubai Engineering Student
Student of Mechatronics

“Innovation and new ideas have always been a key features of Fractal Systems and lately we’ve been working on the Kinetic free float, which is a matrix of 512 radiant globes, shapes, or anything coming from your imagination, suspended so they can move up and down freely, presents three-dimensional animated images that seem to float in space. Light, color, shape and movement join forces to create a truly breathtaking, unique presentation.
Starting from the initial idea then designing the structure going on to assembling a prototype and programming it is all done by the company itself. The biggest challenge during the initial design was to come up with a structure that can incorporate two design aspects simultaneously i.e. triangles and spheres. Working here enhanced my knowledge in all fields of study as apart from the technical skills I have also been exposed to customer marketing, purchase negotiation with suppliers, think-tank strategy, etc.”

Thierry Louesse

Managing Partner at Fractal Systems

“The collaboration with a global University like RIT Dubai is important to us as an innovative company. I especially enjoy it if our co-op students from RIT Dubai start to really apply their theoretical knowledge in our innovative work. As our clients are internationally renowned companies from all around the world the students get exposed to an international work environment that will benefit them in their future careers.”

Current projects:
The Hexacopter: A Drone with six propellers and a GPS control mainly used for Aerial Photography and security.

The Zeppelin: A Blimp with two rotative propellers and one directional propeller, mainly used for Aerial Branding and event filming.

The Holoscreen: Transform via a heat detector film any window or glass into a touch screen.

Sliding Screens:

The Abacus: Mega mechatronics animated structure displaying the Index Market fluctuation. Here a 3D video of the project : Watch Video

The Atom: Another Mega mechatronics structure displaying on a massive hemispherical LED screen the genesis of the Oil. Watch Video

Dubai 2020: A mega structure in regard of Dubai 2020 International Expo, representing the City of Dubai and on which we applied Electronic layers to make it interactive. Watch Video

Source: RIT